Banishing Clutter = More Money in Your Pocket

    Banishing Clutter = More Money in Your Pocket

    Whenever sellers ask about the best thing they can do to make their home sale better, easier and more profitable, my answer is always the same: DECLUTTER! Declutter, declutter, and declutter some more. You simply must do it. And for the most part, it won't cost you more than a little hard work and time.Banishing Clutter = More Money in Your Pocket

    The point of decluttering is to bring your home to a neutral, clean slate so that buyers can imagine their lives in the space. In fact, you might want to start by emotionally divorcing yourself from the house altogether. It's like it's no longer "your" home but instead "belongs" to the marketplace of potential buyers. It's not about what you want anymore; it's about what they want.

    What potential buyers don't want is to look at your stuff. Take away the personal photos. Remove the tchotchkes and mementos. Neaten up bookcases and cupboards. And don't forget to pack up extra clothes and junk from closets. Clutter in any area, especially in closets, can imply that there's not enough storage space in the home, which is a dealbreaker for many buyers. Decluttering makes every room seem larger, brighter and neater. By simply removing dated items (think: silver tea sets, heavy window coverings, oversized dark furniture), you can make the whole house look well-maintained, stylish and ready for contemporary buyers.

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    A thorough decluttering, deep cleaning and rearranging of your existing furnishings can even help you avoid more costly repair and staging costs. Position your newly decluttered spaces to maximum advantage by, say, turning an awkward nook into the perfect home office or reimagining a den as an extra bedroom.

    Just remember that "less is more" is your mantra throughout the decluttering process. When you think you've decluttered enough, do another round. As I always like to say: The more stuff you can get rid of, the more money you're putting right into your pocket.

    Don't know where to begin on your decluttering journey?

    Take some advice from the experts at Home & Gardens, and start small. Tackle one room at a time and sort each and every item into one of three categories: keep, give away, throw out. It's wise not to get caught up in the idea of selling your used furnishings, decor and clothing. Doing so is incredibly time-consuming, and most often, it's very lucrative either. By thoughtfully donating items instead, you'll get them into the hands of people who can use them.

    Many organizations will even pick up your donations which is a huge time-saver. The Warehouse NJ and Restore/Morris Habitat for Humanity are two nearby options. As far as dealing with the stuff you choose to keep, Container Store is our favorite destination for all sorts of organization needs. Our favorite accessories are clear containers with snap-on lids, which are great for storing things while allowing you to see what's inside.

    For more selling tips, contact us at The Maggee Miggins Group. We have a long list of outstanding resources to help you declutter, deep clean and stage your home for a great selling experience.

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