Tips on Getting Involved in the Maplewood Community of New Jersey

Are you new to the Maplewood, New Jersey, area? You may be wondering how to get involved with the community, meet people and make new friends. Luckily, there are a variety of local resources that will allow you to do just that while having fun and educational experiences in the process. Here are just a few of the ways you can immerse yourself in Maplewood's fantastic quality of life.

Maplewood Arts & Culture CommunityTips on Getting More Involved in the Maplewood Community of New Jersey

Maplewood Arts & Culture

The Maplewood Division of Arts & Culture organizes performances and cultural activities throughout the township, making it a great place to connect with writers, visual artists, designers, musicians, actors, filmmakers and their work. DAC also operates the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts, The Woodland multi-purpose facility and the 1978 Maplewood Arts Center. Take a class, compete in a photo contest, enjoy art exhibits, belly laugh at a comedy show or enjoy one of the many concerts and theater presentations, all thanks to DAC.

SOMA Families Meetup

SOMA Families' mission is to foster a diverse, supportive and welcoming local community through events, playdates, new mom gatherings, classes and more. This purposefully diverse and inclusive community of parents and caregivers offers support and connection throughout South Orange, Maplewood and the surrounding towns, making it a great place to befriend parents and grow your local network. The group offers multiple meetups each week, including a regular New Members Meet & Greet.

Community Volunteer Resource Program

The Township of Maplewood offers several volunteer opportunities through its Community Volunteer Resource Program. It's a great way to meet your Maplewood neighbors while helping make the township an enjoyable place to live. By filling out the volunteer interest form online, you'll be connected to opportunities in your specific area of interest, including seniors, social services, the arts and more.

Maplewood Moms*

Parents and caregivers in Maplewood can build a virtual community with the Maplewood Moms Facebook group, an online gathering of nearly 6,000 SOMA residents discussing parenting challenges and sharing child-related recommendations. This inclusive group includes an asterisk in its name to acknowledge that not all caregivers identify with the terms "mom" or "mother." In fact, the group welcomes mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster parents and alternative-identifying caretakers. Join this active Facebook group to help navigate life in Maplewood with kids.

The Maplewood Club

It may be fondly known as "The Little Club" or MLC, but The Maplewood Club has been making a big impression on local residents for more than a century. Nested on its original hidden location off Ridgewood Road, the club offers four Har-Tru courts, a pickleball court and a clubhouse. Individual or group instruction, round robins and league play will help you perfect your backhand while cultivating lifelong friendships.

Maplewood Online

A business directory and excellent source of local news, Maplewood Online is fantastic for finding new events, festivals, volunteer opportunities and services. Head to the social calendar to review upcoming Maplewood happenings and make a plan to meet your neighbors.

Maplewood Garden Club

For nearly a century, the Maplewood Garden Club has been discussing all things green and helping to make Maplewood the beautiful community it is today. New green-thumbed residents will enjoy the award-winning group's garden walks, plant sales, workshops, monthly gardening tips and the Maplewood Township Greenhouse.

Maplewood, New Jersey, is a beautiful place to call home and build friendships. Welcome to Maplewood! We hope you love it here.

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