Home For The Holidays: That Magic of Holiday Listings

A lot of people think, "Oh no! I can't possibly list my home for sale during the holidays! No one will come! I'm too busy!" But at The Maggee Miggins Group, the winter holiday season is one of our favorite times to put a home on the market. People DO shop for houses during the holidays, and homes DO sell in November and December. We promise.

The first step in listing a home for sale around this period is to capitalize on nostalgia and warm holiday memories. Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Seriously though, gorgeous holiday decorations, lights and crackling fireplaces make a wonderful first impression for your property during the otherwise dreary winter season. Amp up the ambiance even further with holiday music and classic winter smells like apple cider and pumpkin spice desserts.

People love the idea of starting a new year in a new home. And, if buyers are out in the cold and snow, you can be sure they're serious buyers. With fewer listings on the market during November and December, your property will also have less competition and a bigger opportunity to make an impact.

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