Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light!

There are a million articles about how to stage and prepare for your home for showings, but we're here to tell you the one thing that almost everyone overlooks — lighting!

Showings are all about creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes people want to linger, and few things kill the vibe faster than harsh fluorescent glare, obnoxious LEDs lights or flickering bulbs. Before you open your home to potential buyers, take time to assess your entire lighting scheme inside and out. While different areas require different lighting — brighter in kitchens, softer in bedrooms — the overall goal is to make sure the illumination is soft and flattering but not too dim. We suggest adding table or floor lamps in places where overhead lighting is too strong or too weak. Adjacent bulbs within a room should match in terms of size, color and wattage. If you have adjustable Wi-Fi bulbs, choose color temperatures in the warm range less than 3000K, and avoid harsh cool tones above 4000K. Ensure every fixture is in working order, including closets, ovens and refrigerators. If you need replacement bulbs, head to Bunchers True Value Hardware in Milburn, and our friend Frank will help you find just what you need.

For more advice on putting your home in the best light, pun intended, give The Maggee Miggins Group a call. Miggins Real Estate offers buyer and seller services in SummitMilburn-Short Hills and all real estate in Union, Essex and Morris County New Jersey.

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