You’re Moving to New Jersey?

Sound familiar? You may as well toss that all-too-easy swipe in the dust bin of history because when the rubber meets the road the average price of a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan is cresting $1 million. And for that price you get about 1500 square feet plus the co-op board from hell.

If you’re considering a family and want to get an idea of how roomy your living conditions will feel like with the addition of a new arrival, try locking yourself in the closet for a few days. When you have kids, you need space – for the kids and for you!

Putting aside the other obvious advantages of moving slightly West (did we mention the great public aka. FREE schools?), you’ll find Essex, Morris and Union counties a surprisingly cool place to live. Sure, the Vanity Fair glitterati aren’t lining up at the local hot-spots like they do in NYC, but you couldn’t get into those places anyway.

And shall we recall the geographical prejudices of yesteryear such as “You’re moving to Brooklyn!? Well that was then and now Brooklyn real estate prices are so well into orbit that you probably can’t afford what you deserve there either.

So get over yourself and start enjoying your life west of the Hudson!

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