A Minute with Maggee

A Minute With Maggee

Home For The Holidays: That Magic of Holiday Listings
Think you couldn't possibly list your home during the holidays? Yes, you can! And here's why Maggee thinks you SHOULD! Listen in to the latest A Minute with Maggee and get the scoop on how the beauty and nostalgia of holiday listings can make your home shine!
Guide to Lighting Your Home During Showings
Selling your home is so much easier when you provide the right ambience. Showings are all about creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes people want to linger, and few things kill the vibe faster than harsh fluorescent glare, obnoxious LEDs lights or flickering bulbs. Before you open your home to potential buyers, take time to assess your entire lighting scheme inside and out.
Banishing Clutter = More Money in Your Pocket
In this episode of A Minute with Maggee, she discusses the benefits of clearing the clutter from your home when getting ready to sell. Watch this video for great tips on how and when to hide your clutter!
Selling Your Pet-friendly Home
In this episode, Maggee talks about how to set up a pet-friendly home for prospective buyers. Ensuring your home is rid of dog or cat hair, food and water bowls, toys and any evidence of pets can actually put money in your pocket. Oh and don't forget to put your pet in daycare!
Best tips to find local furniture and accessories for your home!
26 weeks?!? Don’t wait that long for something new! Shop locally and sustainably in Summit, New Jersey and get it TODAY, right now, to bring home and brighten your living room or put under the tree??Watch til the end to see the fantastic lamps Maggee scored at Summit Antiques Center and how she brought them to life in ONE DAY and leave a comment with your thoughts! --- 26 weeks? Who has that kind of patience?
Deal Killers - Underground Oil tanks
A Minute with Maggee - The Maggee Miggins Group
UNDERSTANDING YOUR HOME'S VALUE Maggee Miggins from The Maggee Miggins Group talks about understanding the value of your home.
Did you say Curb Appeal?
Maggee Miggins from The Maggee Miggins Group talks about landscaping and curb appeal with Andrew K Becker.
A Minute with Maggee
Maggee Miggins from The Maggee Miggins Group discusses the difference between price per sf in Manhattan vs Short Hills, New Jersey. Hint: It's much higher than you think!
Maggee Miggins talks about the "Steal of the Week" in this week's MINUTE WITH MAGGEE